Loyal to logistics. Dedicated to design. When both come together — an exceptional celebration

McKee Events is a Concierge-Style Wedding Planning & Design Studio Based in Greenville, SC

At McKee Events, we believe a wedding is a celebration rooted in the love and commitment of one human life to another. 

It’s why your wedding day deserves to be…

Intentional — Coordinating every creative decision to focus on the elements that are most significant to you

Unique — Curating the subtle details that reflect your heart as a couple

Memorable — Cultivating a seamless process so, by the time your wedding day arrives, you can fully soak in every moment

With a blend of these three components, we strive to craft celebrations, through attentive detail and thoughtful design, to create a lifetime’s worth of memories.


Putting the          back in union

Hi, I’m Shannon


I’m loyal to a fault. It may come from my background as a registered nurse by trade. But as you get to know me, you’ll find I’m the one who will move Heaven and Earth to make things happen for those I care about.

You and your partner are two people I will deeply care about. Working together means you’re welcomed into the McKee Events Family with open arms and met with a trusted professional you can turn to at any given moment.

In small moments, like choosing between “ballet’ pink and “blush” pink — because sometimes that decision can be harder than it seems. 

Or in the big moments, like one final glance as I, with teary eyes, check off “ceremony processional” from the timeline and send you down the aisle.  

I look forward to every moment — the big and the small — we will share. And most of all, the friendship we’ll cultivate long after your wedding day.

details about shannon

A Few Special Details That Represent Me

The art of slow living

As much as I love the exhilaration of a luxury event, I enjoy the simple things in life. Sunshine while gardening, sitting outside by a quiet lake just taking in the scenery, taking a ride through the mountains.
I've found that growing specialty cut flowers has helped me to learn a tremendous amount about wedding florals!

My (f)unconventional family

My husband and I are a few of the lucky ones that fell in love through Tinder. It’s a story we laugh about every time we tell it. We’re also the parents of our sweet fur baby, Bella. She was the Southern Fried Cotton Dog one year so she even has her own line of shirts. She may be spoiled beyond measure, but we like it that way!

My background as a nurse

I spent a few years working in upstate South Carolina as a Hematology & Oncology Nurse. Now, I work as a Simulation Lab Manager planning and scheduling all day long (what a dream!). Time management, organization, attention to detail — all of these skills overlap between nursing and wedding planning. If someone can remain calm and composed in a hospital setting, rest assured they can handle the stress of your wedding day.

The proud title of “Workflow & Logistics Queen”

You guessed it, I was the student with the color-coded planner with every assignment and test written down before the first day of school. To say I’m proficient in Excel Spreadsheets is an understatement — I live and breathe them. Luckily for you, as part of the McKee Events Family, I create a full scope of easy-to-use spreadsheets to keep your wedding on track.

"Shannon went above and beyond for our wedding."

I couldn’t have asked for a better director. She did so much for me through the whole planning and then put up with me and my group the day of! She is literally THE BEST!!!

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